<aside> 🧪 A co-living experiment helping ANZ’s best young founders & creators build, live and learn alongside each other surrounded by beautiful nature


⭐ Mission

Create an unparalleled learning experience for top young founders & creators by living together in proximity to beautiful nature.

For more context on what motivates us, check out Why Live Outside a City? and Why Live With Other Founders?

🔭 Vision

Build the #1 group of creator homes in regional areas across ANZ, with future locations in Victoria, South Australia, Queensland and New Zealand on the cards!

🧡 Who will the residents of Earlyhome be?

Young people (18-30) building their own startup, working on a side hustle, or pursuing a creative project (e.g. album / book / podcast).

<aside> 🎯 Cohort 1: 5 founders


📅 What’s the timeline for Earlyhome

Move In: May 1 2022

End of Cohort 1: August 6 2022

🌏 Cohort 1 Location

<aside> 🏡 Thirroul, Northern Wollongong region


We picked the Northern Wollongong region because it has a beautiful mix of beach, mountains and bush, has a hip young community with cafes, music & art, is cheaper than most of Sydney rent-wise, and still allows you to commute to Sydney by train fairly easily.

<aside> ⁉️ Questions? Message dan@earlywork.co.