How do I participate in the community?

Jump in the deep-end or wade in slowly, reach out to us!

Where did the concept of a Swim Meet start?

PoolTogether Inc (founder of PoolTogether and conducted an cryptocurrency airdrop at the beginning of 2021. This led to the creation of a governance token called POOL. The goal of this governance token was to give the community a voice in the direction of the protocol. The original community and team reached out to the community to “self-organize” around the POOL protocol.

Members of the community heard the whistle and they started doggy paddling without water wings…

It was ugly… but we knew we needed to do something.

Over the subsequent weeks, a series of private and public Discord based conversations and meetings occurred. The idea of a Swim Meet was proposed where everyone could meet and participate in the community. The combination of the POOL token airdrop led to a large number Discord dialogs and private conversations with energy never seen before in the PoolTogether community. This passion and energy ultimately turned into a couple of whitepapers to attempt to structure the community.

The thought process and the initial team members captured this concept in a publicly accessible Trello card:

March 17, 2021: Below is whitepaper that was initially presented during the 2nd Swim Meet Team meet with a link to that whitepaper. The duration of this structure was intended be revisited in 90 days.

Community Organization Proposal – Swim Meet “Roles” (March 17, 2021)

Original document:

The first Swim Meet occurred after three team meetings to organize the community. On April 2, 2021, the first PoolTogether Swim Meet occurred.

Have a better idea on how to structure the PoolTogether community? As a community, we need you and your ideas! Contact us today!