<aside> 💬 Hey y'all, welcome to FOFSG Discord Server Guide. Here's some info to help you get started.


📄 What is FOFSG Discord Server?

FOFSG Discord Server is a community of design enthusiasts and practitioners to connect, share and learn from each other to discuss topics related to product design, from tooling to design systems and design process, career and pay, design in SEA, culture, tech ethics... Our community welcomes everyone from every level of seniority and background.

Why Discord?

We choose Discord because of its community features and the fact that it's free and allows unlimited messages! A server is basically this space. Channels are similar to Slack channels.

🤝 How to collaborate with FOFSG

Be a part of the community (WIP)

❤️ What we value


🔐 How to get access to the Server?

Join us via the invite here


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