This document sets out the current specification for Plan✕ when provided on a Software as a Service (SaaS) basis. If you have any specific queries that are not yet answered here, please get in touch. Plan✕ is also listed on the Digital Marketplace here.

Plan✕ is currently in development. Where information is provisional / in progress, it will be highlighted yellow.

What is Plan✕?

Plan✕ is a content management platform for planning services. It enables local planning authorities to write, share and operate digital planning services that are simple, powerful and user-friendly.

In many ways Plan✕ is like many other form-building software applications, except in that it has very powerful features for logic automations and sharing content between organisations. It has been specifically designed to support the needs of planning departments.

Developed in collaboration with authorities and DLUHC as an open source tool, the aim of Plan✕ is to make planning simpler for everyone.