10 year Vision

Knowledge-work is quantifiably more fulfilling and purposeful.

3 Year Vision

Lead the worldwide movement around more aligned, purposeful work

1 Year Vision

Bring the power of goals and reflection to teams everywhere.

We believe that healthy teams are sustained through alignment, which is fostered through the habits of setting goals and reflecting on progress. In 2021 we’ll realize our aim for Koan to be the “Goals and Reflection” breakout product through our product-led growth strategy. Koan will become the bridge between productivity and team wellness.

We’ll spread the word about what we’re building through a simplified and compelling value proposition. We’ll also make Koan incredibly easy to adopt by improving onboarding, and simplifying the product workflows overall. It should be incredibly easy for every team to build positive habits in Koan. We’ll also make Koan even easier to adopt by further bringing Koan to where teams already work, including Microsoft Teams and by improving our existing Slack integration.

2021 Themes