Long-running audio-adventure fitness app "Zombies, Run!" is now casting for its summer recording session.

Recording will take place between July 8th and July 15th in the London Fields area. Applicants must be available to record in-studio during this period. Unfortunately, we are unable to pay travel expenses so we prefer applicants who are based in London.

We pay £34.50 per hour of recording, with a minimum payment of £69 regardless of hours worked.

Please review the breakdown and send your voice- or show-reel to matt@sixtostart.com, along with a link to an acting CV, with "ZR8 Audition: [character name]" as the subject line. Applicants without a reel will not be considered.

We will ask applicants in whom we are interested to send a self-tape of a single scene - we'll need to receive this self-tape by June 24th in order to consider you for the part.

We are especially interested in hearing from applicants from BAME backgrounds, or from other under-represented groups. Please don't rule yourself out before sending your information through!



Female, mid-20s, British-Nigerian. Brave, competent, and scientifically adept, Frances still lacks confidence because she has been treated poorly in the past. She also feels she cannot measure up to her older sister, who died shortly after the apocalypse. Despite all this, she is making the best of her situation, and is now effectively running the labs.


Male, early 30s, any accent. Educated, capable, but easily flustered. Lacks confidence because his supervisors belittled his abilities, but still maintains a desire to prove himself. Takes orders (a little begrudgingly) from the younger and less experienced Frances, because he recognises her abilities as a leader.


Male, late teens, soft Scots accent. Born on the mainland, but moved to a Hebridean island with his grandfather at age seven, after his parents were killed in a car accident. Considered an outsider from the moment he arrived, young Rory had trouble making friends. Things got worse when he witnessed his grandfather’s murder, and no-one believed his account. Although he was fostered by a kindly island couple, and grew up to run the village corner shop, Rory still harbours (understandable) paranoia, and a deep distrust of the islanders. Quick to trust fellow outsiders.


Male, 40s, strong Scots accent. Weary, beleaguered. Hereditary leader of the Far Hebridean Islands. Considers the Lairdship a burden, especially since his tenure coincides with a time of economic downturn. Rejects forward-thinking, long-term solutions in favour of those which will generate money fast despite long-term repercussions. Is aware of and regrets the damage he’s doing to his beloved home, but doesn’t see a way out. Still, he is confident and authoritative due to having been groomed for the Lairdship since birth.