Here's my implementation of [Zettelkasten notetaking]( is German for 'slip,an incredibly prolific social scientist.) method

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I strongly recommend checking:

Zettelkasten method breakdown I like the most:

Zettelkasten - How One German Scholar Was So Freakishly Productive

In Russian:

🗃 Зеттелькастен: как один немецкий учёный стал невероятно продуктивным

My guide on using and setting up your own Zettelkasten (Russian):

Как я веду Zettelkasten в Notion уже год: стартовый набор и полезные трюки

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Zettelkasten Structure

Linked database that shows today's cards for faster input

Input Page

Main database for searching and exploration

ZettelKasten Body

How to refer to Zettelkasten's content

Sample reference page