A Product Team with skin in the game

At Cope, patience is not a virtue.

This world moves too fast for startups to wait around or go silent. There’s an arms race for your consumer’s attention and if you don’t grab it, someone else will. We work with startups that operate with a healthy dose of impatience to win that race, steal back the attention and grow.


That's why we built Zero to One, a system & playbook for getting from idea to a-ha!

But we realise you're mostly here because of just 3 reasons:

😰 You're in a hurry

🍼 You're just getting started

🐦 You kinda ignored this a bit too far

Let's fix that.

We work on 3 stages to make change effective.



Step 1: Design

Visual branding for starting companies is broken.

When starting a business you don't completely know your identity and market yet. The typical process of branding and designing visual identity is slow, expensive, and complicated.

Costs may reach prohibitively high numbers and it takes months to produce. Not to mention the time and the hassle to onboard a design agency, or a freelancer. That's crazy for lean-budget startups.