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👋 Welcome to ZOE Engineering

ZOE engineering teams are working on unique product challenges: building delightful user experiences, analysing data for millions of users, predicting food responses, integrating with labs, automating our logistics, or acquiring customers at scale.

We are always looking for innovative thinkers and doers to join our team. Together, we can improve human health and touch millions of lives.


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🌍 Remote first

Join us from anywhere. Our team is distributed across the UK, Europe, and the US and meets several times per year. We went to Crete earlier this year, and have had regular team offsite to get to know one another better.

👩‍🔬 Improve human health

Our collective work and expertise in biology, engineering, data science, and nutrition science has led to multiple breakthrough papers in leading scientific journals such as Nature Medicine, Science, The Lancet, and more

🎨 Have fun, in a diverse team

Diversity enhances our teams creativity and helps us innovate. We’ve included some rations below, and improving these will help us go further

🚅 Use the latest tech, ship daily

We act fast; iterating quickly and deploying daily. We maximise customer impact while applying software craftsmanship principles.

You’ll solve complex problems with the latest tools and tech, and develop your skills in new ways.

Check out our ZOE tech list further down the page.

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⛹️‍♀️Our teams

Health study

With over 4.8M contributors, and over 40 scientific papers in various journals such as The Lancet, Nature Medicine, The Oncologist and Nature Food, the Engineering team behind the ZOE Heath Study has ensured millions of people take control of their own health.

Product Engineering