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Uploading a ZIP file

Uploading ZIP Archive is now ready and available on !


Mandatory files

For this to work, two files will be mandatory in the Archive:

First we will check if there is a meta[property="og:image"]in your index.html and will use the corresponding file.

If this property does not exist, we check the names preview , cover and thumbnail with the following extensions: apng, gif, png, jpg, jpeg ⇒ The first one to be found will be used. Be aware that filenames are case sensitive: Cover is different than cover, please use small letters or set the right name in your meta[property="og:image"]

there is another rule that shouldn't impact anyone but better have it here: when we upload your directory to IPFS, we add a file named __metadata.json that contains all the metadata of your NFT (name, description, cover, attributes, license, ...) to make it accessible to your code. This is why we throw an error if you have a file with this name in your zip archive.


We recommend that you add all your dependencies (libraries, css, etc...) in the archive and reference them using relative paths. This way you will be sure that you do not have any external dependencies and that your NFT will work forever.