<aside> 👋🏼 ABOUT THIS TEMPLATE: If you’re in charge of optimizing or revamping your existing referral, co-selling, co-marketing, and/or reseller agreements, here’s a handy checklist based on the takeaways from the Partnerships and Contracts: Navigating the Legal Jungle masterclass as part of the Collaborative Growth Academy by Reveal.

HOW TO USE THIS TEMPLATE: Customize any checkboxes for your company.


For every type of contract you’ll need to:

Stage 1: Assessment

Tools: There are some great free tools to help benchmark how easy a document is to read, like from data.yze.

Stage 2: Good planning

For each contract

Stage 3: Get your executives buy-in

Stage 4: Give structure

For each contract

Stage 5: Prototype

For each contract

Stage 7: Sign and close the deal

For each partner

Stage 6: Test your ideas