How to Write Your 10-Second Elevator Pitch

The first thing an investor sees on your campaign

Last updated October 14, 2022 1:40 PM (EDT) · Read Time: 3 minutes

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You want to explain what you do in the simplest language possible. This needs to be predigested. Your elevator pitch should be like baby food.

—“How to Pitch Your Company” by Michael Seibel

What is a 10-second elevator pitch?

Your 10-second elevator pitch describes your company in 3-7 of the simplest words possible, such that a very smart ten-year-old would understand what you do.

<aside> #️⃣ Specs

Length: Maximum 80 characters (approx. 3-7 words)


Why does my elevator pitch matter?

On Wefunder, your 10-second elevator pitch gives investors the first impression of your company. If investors can’t understand it, they won’t click into your pitch to read more.

How do I write a great elevator pitch?

<aside> ✅ “The easiest way for small businesses to get paid by credit cards”


<aside> ⭕ “The Simplest Way to Make Money”

This worked well for Square in their 2012 pitch deck¹ (and works when you get to stand in front of a VC for 15 minutes), but would do badly on Wefunder.


<aside> ✅ ”We deliver groceries to customers in their homes.”


<aside> ⭕ “We are a next-generation, AI-based resolver of grocery needs”


<aside> ✅ “Community kitchen and restaurant food hall incubating Bay Area food entrepreneurs”

This edit describes what the commissary kitchen does (incubate food entrepreneurs).


<aside> ⭕ “The anti-ghost kitchen operating as a restaurant, bar, & commissary kitchen.”

Industry insiders know what a ghost kitchen and commissary kitchen are, but everyday people may not.


<aside> ✅ ”Portable personal gym that fits in a suitcase”


<aside> ⭕ ”Revolutionary home fitness equipment. Budget & storage friendly”