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In our near future, milliseconds after it becomes self-aware, AI determines the human race is a danger to itself & survival of the planet. It calculates "theMerge" of bio-mechanical humans & animals with AI, as the most viable solution.


A large, Independent Artist Project conceived and created by @LimnDigital (a.k.a. Shane Robinson).

All the artwork and videos have been and will be created by Limn, specifically for this project, using his custom-coded VQGAN+CLIP Python-based system to generate AI-assisted preliminary work.

Limn then paints, filters, lights, and uses a combination of up to (currently) 13 different applications to post-process and finish the artwork.

theMerge Collection is currently open ended and as of November 14, 2021, Limn has generated over 400 preliminary "Units" in the Collection. Each Unit will be released and for sale one-at-a-time or in small groups called "Family Groups" or "Culture Groups" (such as Movies, Bands, Sports, etc.).


If you just want to skip all the naming & pricing concepts and jump right to the example Artworks, be my guest...

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There have been questions about "theMerge World" the Units inhabit and will there be an exploration of theMerge World?

Yes. Absolutely.

theMerge, constructed and managed by AI will (just like AI) learn, adapt, and grow.

This means there will be explorations into the Architecture, Structures, and Cities of theMerge World.