Stay Updated. Without The Noise. With Friends. In Private Spaces.

Yoro is your destination if you feel lost in variety of news & social media apps just to stay updated on the latest happenings.

Here, you get precise control over what you want to know about so there is no other noise. You also build your friend network here to share & discuss the latest happenings in your private space, while Yoro makes sure that your private space stays updated of the latest happenings. No extra effort from you!

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How is Yoro different?

Swipe right or swipe left. Explore with full control!

You are in control to decide what is relevant for you!

When exploring the latest happenings, swipe right if you like to receive this kind of content going forward, swipe left otherwise.

Yoro is always learning about you & makes sure you get delivered what is important to you and the noise stays away!

Ok, and what more?

Happy Mode lets you stay away from the negativity

News is often sad or negative and can make you stressed or anxious. Yoro gives you happy mode that doesn't show you news about negative topics like crime, disease, calamities etc.

Helps you stay positive! Try for a few days & notice the change in you.

So is reading about the latest happenings all I can do?

Bring your friends on! Interact with news together

Find, add or invite your friends to the app to create your social universe. You can then learn about what's happening through your friends, and interact with the latest happenings together with them!

Because staying updated is more fun & meaningful with friends!

What can I do after inviting my friends?

Create your own private spaces with friends. Share, chat, discuss & receive updates together!

Private spaces within Yoro help you share, chat, interact with news together. We call this a Ping!

You can create any number of pings with your friends and add topics to it. Yoro sends updates on topics as they happen directly to your pings.

Pings make sure you all stay updated together with no effort, while being able to discuss or interact with news with your friends in privacy!

What if I don't chat often about these things with friends?

Learn about the latest happenings from your friends. See what they are reading!

Find something interesting on Yoro? Post it so your friends can learn from you.

You get to learn from your friends' Posts too!

Isn't this complex?

No noise, no clutter. Keeps it simple for you!

When you use Yoro, it learns what you would like. And then when you close the app and go about your life, it collects important happenings for you and keeps it ready in While You Were Away.

Let Yoro do the hard work so you can avoid the clutter!

There are no ads, no clickbait content and nothing that will distract you or try to show you what you do not want.

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