Hello, I am a Freelance Business & CX Consultant, Content Creator, and Keynote Speaker. I genuinely believe in customer-centered services that hit the sweet spot of customer and business needs.

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I am currently helping various businesses to optimize the customer experience of their service as aΒ freelance business consultant. The project includesΒ strategies, UX, project management, marketing, and operationsΒ for small companies and startups.

In addition, I write and film about customer experience, marketing, startups, and sports via several blogs, newsletters, and a youtube channel. These content projects gave me great opportunities to coach marketing and customer experience to others.

Before becoming a freelancer, I was fortunate to work on various projects at startups. I had operated premium lifestyle e-commerce and optimized the customer experience of offline remodeling service. Also, I had launched CRM/marketing tools and consulted digital marketing for offline business owners.

I hope you found what you were looking for here, and please feel free to reach out if you have any questions!

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My Skillsets at a Glance

<aside> πŸ’‘ Strategies & Customer Experience

β†’ Build CX strategies including UX, CS, operations, product, logistics, CRM, and membership. β†’ Consult e-commerce platforms about sales strategies, product sourcing, website traffic, and content plans.
β†’ Analyze and research market, customers, and business for IR deck and business development.


<aside> πŸ’‘ Content & Workshops

β†’ Plan and lead focus group interviews, agile retrospectives, and other workshops. β†’ Coach marketing and customer experience for small to big groups. β†’ Write and edit articles about marketing, business, customer experience, and others.


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