A. Author's Introduction

B. Arabic Text of The Three Fundamental Principles

1.0 THE FIRST TREATISE: The Four Affairs Contained In Surah Al-'Asr

🟥 Knowledge

🟥 Acting Upon Knowledge

🟥 Calling to Knowledge

🟥 Patience in Bearing Harm Encountered Upon It

2.0 THE SECOND TREATISE: Three Issues Which Are Incumbent Upon The Muslim To Learn & Act

🟥 Believing that Allah Created Us, Provided for Us, & Did Not Leave Us Without Purpose

🟥 Allah is Not Pleased That Partners Should be Set Up With Him in His Worship

🟥 Al-Wala' wal-Bara' (Allegiance & Disassociation)

3.0 THE THIRD TREATISE: Monotheism Is The Religion of Ibrahim

🟥 The Greatest of That Which Allah Has Commanded With is Tawhid

🟥 The Greatest of That Which Allah Has Prohibited is Polytheism


🟥 The Three Principles Which are Obligatory to Know

🟥 The Proof for His Lordship & Divinity

🟥 The Different Types of Worship Allah Has Commanded With & the Proof for Each Type

🟥 Al-Islam, al-Iman, and al-Ihsan & the Proof for Each

🟥 Du'a: It's Categories & Evidence