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It is essential to understand the Founding Principles, REGEN IT Manifesto, Deep Adaptation and Refugee Crisis (that hasn't even begun for real)

Main theme

These are effectively the same, equivalent, depending how you brand it:

Someone did a great job on Wikipedia




Getting inspiration from space technology to solve problems on Eearth

Category: speed and cost

Ability to create city fast, most likely in response to some traumatic event.

See refugee crisis - camp for 12,000 people burned and €200-300m deployed to create a new one. Can we do it in 1/10 of the time for 1/10 of the cost?

(eventually 1/100 and 1/100 but we don not know all the details yet)

We need to provide solutions for people to stay in their home countries

(and to live prosperous lifes)

Refugee Crisis

Deep Adaptation