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The Digital Forager: A Literature Review Toolkit 🤖


The Digital Briefcase For A Literature Review 🤖

Journal Articles

  1. Writing Narrative Literature Reviews for Peer-reviewed Journals: Secrets of the Trade

Green, B. N., Johnson, C. D., and Adams, A. (2006).


This article describes and discusses the process of writing a narrative review of literature for publication. Three types of literature review are first introduced, i.e. narrative reviews, qualitative systematic reviews and quantitative systematic reviews. Then a step-by-step procedure of writing a narrative review is provided. Several resources for creating literature reviews are also included.

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Analysing the Past to Prepare for the Future: Writing a Literature Review

Webster, J., and Watson, R. T. (2002).


This article addresses the challenges and difficulties faced by researchers in conducting literature review. It indicates the broad structure of a review paper. It also discusses some pragmatic issues (e.g. what should be included in the introduction of a literature review) and some ambiguous issues (e.g. how to justify a proposition), and provides examples of how these issues are addressed in other literature reviews.

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