We are happy to announce that bankless DAO will be featured as a media partner at one of the most important web3 events in Latam that will take place 11th-13th of August in Buenos Aires, Argentina!

The ETH Latam conference builds upon the work of the local pioneers that laid the foundations for a vibrant community that made crypto mainstream in one of the countries where it’s most needed.

In Latin America the possibilities enabled by Ethereum are not an option, but the alternative for individuals to build a new system where no one is left behind. ETH Latam brings together the global community of builders with one of the most vibrant crypto communities on earth, who use Ethereum protocols in their everyday lives.

Tickets are free and you can grab them here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/ethlatam-at-buenos-aires-tickets-374680147407. They are released by batches, you can find out every time a new batch is released through their Twitter account https://twitter.com/ethlatam

In partnership with the event, bDAO is giving away 1 free ticket in a Twitter campaign. Look out for the message in our social networks! They run out pretty quickly!

We have also been provided with two extra tickets that are strictly for the bDAO community! In order to be eligible for a ticket, you must be a L1 or above, be sure that you can make it to the event (so the ticket doesn't go to waste). You can sign up via this form: https://tally.so/r/wb5200 Submissions will be accepted until August 4th 15:00 UTC. The winners will be announced at the CC the next day.

If you are interested in helping the bDAO team that will be representing bDAO at ETH Latam, check out the ETH Latam thread in the BDAO@GLOBALEVENTS channel. See you there!