Welcome to Writefull Revise

Writefull Revise screens your text for correctness of grammar, word use, style, and more.

Upload your document to Revise, see the number of corrections given across various language categories (e.g. grammar, punctuation, or spelling) to judge the overall language quality of your text, and see how it compares with that of published papers.

You can then review language suggestions for your text, and download a revised version incorporating all your accepted suggestions.

Writefull is developed especially for researchers, and its feedback is tailored to academic writing. For more information, see https://writefull.com/.


Using Writefull Revise

<aside> đź’ˇ Please make sure that the file you upload to Writefull Revise is a .docx, .doc, or .tex format. Your file should also not exceed the maximum file size. Check I understand and accept the Terms of Service, then click Upload Document.


Seeing your language report

After uploading your document, you can see your text with language feedback from Writefull. At the top of the page, see how many suggestions Writefull gives across five categories: grammar, spelling, vocabulary, punctuation, and style. These metrics give you a quick view of your text’s language correctness. The language suggestions are shown within the text: In red, you see your writing, and in green, you see Writefull’s suggestions. You can use these suggestions to revise your text.

Accepting Writefull’s suggestions

If you uploaded a .docx file, you can accept Writefull’s suggestions by clicking them. If you don’t agree with a suggestion, simply ignore it. If you don’t accept a suggestion, it will not show up in the new version of your document. If you uploaded a .doc or .tex file, you cannot accept Writefull’s suggestions by clicking them; you need to manually make the changes in your own file.

<aside> đź’ˇ You can undo any change by clicking the undo arrow (shown on the right)



Downloading your revised document