WriteSome Cover Art Credits

The artwork shared as post covers on the WriteSome App (under the terms of creative commons license) belongs to the following artists -

  1. Thomas Rohlfs
  2. Charlie Davis
  3. Andrew Fairclough
  4. Eiko Ojala
  5. James lipnicks
  6. Xuan Loc Xuan
  7. Olga Lisovka
  8. Tom Haugomat
  9. Adrianne Walujo
  10. Nelson Gonsalves
  11. Nhung Le
  12. Stephanie Concepcion
  13. Kasiq Jungwoo
  14. [Matthieu Delahaie](https://www.behance.net/dmat64')

All right related to their artwork used here remain with the respective artists and their work has been shared on our app.

As required by the terms of the Creative commons license we hereby declare that:

The artwork has been presented as it is. The art work is not being used for any commercial purpose The artwork has not been remixed, transformed or built upon