organise your writing and connect your thoughts

One important challenge for academics and learners is to not simply read a lot but at the same time take notes and link your reading to your own ideas. This relates to Write Smarter.

At the same time many of us re-use certain phrases or want to quote certain texts often. Here is where Write Faster comes in.

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Write Smarter

Within your studies or work you will often write the same words, expressions and sentences over and over again. In addition, Word or Pages are not necessarily the best tools for longer form writing.

There are many options for note taking apps nowadays.

My favourite note taking app for research at the moment is Obsidian (Mac & Windows), as it offers backlinks functionality and it allows me to write freely while still linking my thoughts and ideas to sources and other notes.

Here are Red Gregory’s thoughts on Obsidian vs Roam Research. In her excellent video she also explains the core functionality of both apps.

For an introduction to Obsidian see this excellent video by Santi Younger.

Also see more videos on Think Smarter as Obsidian allows you to do both.

Write Easier ⬆️

For quick general notes I use Drafts (Mac, iOS). You can dictate your notes, even on your Apple Watch; and Drafts allows you to export your text to almost any other app.