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WoWG ArtDrop - Rhea Raj x SleepxTite

Rhea Raj_Portrait - Rhea Raj.jpeg

💫 For our first WoWG Artdrop, we have a music 🎵 and visual 🖼 collaboration between @rhearajj 🇮🇳🇺🇸 x @SLEEPxTITE🇺🇸  This artdrop is for all WoWG holders

"Rhea Raj isn’t one to be f*cked with."- Paper Magazine The 21 year old pop artist, songwriter, producer, and dancer first fell in love with music in her mother’s home studio, where she learned classical Indian and Bollywood dance 💃 from the age of 2. Exposure to global music is a main source of inspiration for Rhea, who blends powerful pop sounds with textures drawn from her international background 🎵 She continues to feel through her body and uses dance to bring her music to life on stage and on screen.

Venom_Rhea Raj cover - Rhea Raj.png


At 15 years old, Rhea auditioned for the farewell season of American Idol. Her performance aired and was praised by Jennifer Lopez, “Your voice matches your vibe, matches how you look… it’s all working for me.” 🙌 Rhea’s YT covers were featured on MTV, Glamour Magazine, and shared by artists like Bebe Rexha. She spent the next couple years toplining major label records, and collaborating with artists, rappers, and producers from around the world 👀 After signing her first publishing deal, Rhea was named the 2020 Songwriters Hall of Fame x BMI award recipient. Her singles "Venom", Atmosphere" and "MVP" premiered on Rolling Stone, and her music has been featured in BBC Radio 1, Billboard, New Music Friday, and gone viral on TikTok.

Also the founder of Misschief Records and a disruptor in the NFT space, Rhea Raj has a unique sound, persona, and international appeal that makes her an artist to watch out for 🤟


sleepxtite is an American 🇺🇸 artist, creative director, and 3d creator who started his artist journey touring the world with various musicians and filming their content 🎥

SLEEPxTITE_Fav_Neon Paradise 3090 - SLEEPxTITE (1).gif

SLEEPxTITE_Fav_MindofKyota - SLEEPxTITE (1).gif

His surreal, neon, erratic, and alt reality visual styles 💚 have defined his music video and artist work, and has been applied to many brands and artists like Ferragamo, Red Bull, Emo Nite, Celsius Energy, Moon Boots, Chase Atlantic, Slayyyter, plus many many more. He also works with various record labels such as Prescription Songs, Fearless records, and Fader label 🙌

In late 2020, sleepxtite entered web3 using his various mediums of creation primarily focusing on 3d and augmented reality 🧑‍💻

WoWG Artdrop - In Ur Hands


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