This document covers 4 things:


Workweek’s mission is to entertain, educate, and connect the business community through unique personalities, unparalleled expertise, and innovative operations to make us the world’s leading media company.

Simply put, Workweek is on a mission help everyone have a better work week.

⚖️ Values

<aside> 💡 These are our core values. Everyone on our team should live and breathe these — and if they don't, they shouldn't be on our team. No compromising.


Empathy, not ego

Empathy opens the door to problem-solving. Our team is uniquely talented and we can solve any problem when we lead with empathy.

Bias towards action

Most decisions can be changed or altered — but progress cannot be made without action. It is almost always better to deliver something today over attempting to perfect something tomorrow.

Be a deep generalist

Intelligence is not defined by how much you know in a single moment, but how much you’re able to learn. Building knowledge that spans numerous subjects creates a deeper advantage in decision-making.

Glass half-full

Being optimistic is good for you. It improves your emotional well-being, fosters better relationships, and provides protection against adverse events — and it can, in many circumstances, lead to better outcomes.