What is a Workspace?

A Workspace is a space in Dropbase where you and your team can collaborate on your data. You can invite teammates to join your Workspace or you can join someone else's Workspace.

In Dropbase, one subscription corresponds to one workspace. You can create more than one workspace if you desire, but that will require more than one subscription plan.

If you invite someone to a Workspace, they will have access to all the current and future resources created in that Workspace. This includes Dropzone, Dropmail, Cleaning and Transformation Steps, Tables, Views, and Pipelines. You can invite someone with different access levels.

Create a Workspace

A Workspace is where your team collaborates on data work. A Workspace allows you to invite people to collaborate on your data. When you create a Workspace, Dropbase automatically creates a Database to store all the data associated with that Workspace.

To create a Workspace, click on the 'Create Workspace' button in the Workspace Switcher, which can be accessed by clicking the Dropbase Logo. Name your workspace and click on Create Workspace.

It may take up to 30 seconds to create a Workspace. Once the Workspace is created, it will be automatically opened.

Switching Workspaces

To switch between Workspaces, click the Dropbase logo at the top left of your window, to open the Workspace Switcher. Select the Workspace that you wish to open.

Delete a Workspace

To delete a Workspace, go to the Workspace Settings. Click on 'Delete Workspace' and confirm to successfully delete your workspace.

Keep in mind that Deleting a Workspace is a dangerous action. Deleting a Workspace will remove all users in the Workspace, delete all resources such as cleaning steps and transformation steps, along with your database and all the data stored in it. This action cannot be undone, so please be careful when doing this. Only delete a Workspace if you are certain that you will not need this data in the future. When in doubt, please check with our support team if you have issues that require deleting any workspace.


Accessing Database Credentials

Only Admins and Owners can access database credentials. To view credentials, ensure that you have the desired Workspace opened. Select the settings icon in the left menubar then select "Show Credentials." Credentials can be copied into your favorite tools. Dropbase uses Snowflake to store your data, you can use these credentials to log into Snowflake directly.

Renaming Workspaces

Open your Workspace and select the settings icon in the left menubar. Select the edit icon next to the Workspace name near the top of the page to rename your Workspace.