<aside> 💡 Are you also #suddenlyremote due to COVID-19? No worries, we can do all workshops remotely! 👨🏻‍💻


As a workshop facilitator I strongly believe in the principles and exercises of the Google Design Sprint 🇬🇧 and use them in every workshop I design and facilitate. When workshopping I always aim to avoid endless discussions and make sure we work 100% co-creatively. This causes full alignment of every participant and contributes in making decisions as a group. And now that I also offer them remotely you will see that remote workshopping is very constructive and relatively simple. The future is now. 🚀

Since 'time' is always a determining factor in the world of creatives, I have designed my workshops based on time slots. Pick your favorite 👇🏻

1) Never Waste a Crisis Workshop

2) Mini Design Sprint

3) Problem Framing Workshop