In this tutorial, you will learn how to:


The workshop does talk about animation briefly but it is assumed that you know how to setup humanoid correctly and have a good understanding of basic unity animation usages. As I find more time, I will create more full tutorials.

Let's started

  1. Download the video files from
  2. If you are on v1.5 (1.6 is current pending), please install the v1.5 single action patch.
  3. Watch the videos from 1-5.

The videos are in their raw format so if you are an advanced developer , feel free to just download the package and read over it.

<aside> 💡 Please understand that I've prioritized getting a tutorial out over marketing purposes so the video has no edits and may contain very slow sections.


<aside> 🚫 If you are installing the patch to an existing project and you have used CoroutineAction, please open the Migration window and follow the instructions the Migration page.