1. Introduction

Like most businesses, Remote holds and process a wide range of information, some of which relates to individuals who work for Remote. This Workplace Privacy Notice (the “Notice”) explains:

  1. Scope

This Notice applies to individuals who work for Remote in any capacity in the EEA or the UK, whether hired by Remote for its own business (internal employees) or for the business of its clients (external employees) ,including all internal and external directors, employees, members, officers, consultants, secondees, contractors, freelancers, volunteers, interns, casual workers, agency workers and those engaged by third party companies or personal services companies performing work for Remote. It also covers personal data about contractors hired by Remote’s clients via the Remote Platform. It also covers personal data processed in respect of former employees/workers.

The Notice is set out in this document (the Core Notice) and Annex 1- Supplementary Information.

In the Supplementary Information, we explain what we mean by “personal data”, “processing”, “special personal data” and other terms used in the Notice.

References in this Notice to “Remote” mean:

  1. External vs internal employees and contractors

Please be mindful that if you are an external employee or contractor, there should be additional workplace privacy notices applicable to you during the course of your engagement with Remote, namely the notices of orgnisations you’re assigned to work at, such as our clients companies, whose responsibility is to present such notices to you.

Without prejudice to your internal or external status, this Notice is further supplemented by our platform privacy policy which explains how we handle the information you submit to us via the Remote Platform and is available at: remote.com/privacy-policy.

  1. Personal data – what we hold and why we process it