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Entry templates are a powerful tool in HourStack, allowing you to save one or more entries as templates to be used to create additional entries in the future. If you have a repetitive series of tasks for each new project, create them once, save them as a template, and then apply the template to your calendar with a single click.

Templates are different than repeating entries in that you can apply them to any dates you like or even more than once within the same day.

Private and Shared Templates

Share templates with your workspace or keep them private to yourself. By default, templates are private. To share a template with your workspace, or to update or delete shared templates, you'll need to have the templates permission. Learn more about Roles & Permissions. Private templates can only be seen and applied by you, though you can apply them to other members' calendars.


Folders are incredibly helpful for organizing your templates, especially if you have a large number of them. You can create both private and shared folders and organize your templates any way you like. Maybe by team, department, milestone, or anything else that will be helpful.

<aside> 💡 Tip: drag one entry onto another to quickly create a folder that contains both of them.


Drag-and-drop Reordering

Another helpful feature for organization is the ability to drag-and-drop to reorder your templates. Between this and folders, you should be able to get the exact organizational structure needed to quickly and easily find and apply your private or shared templates.

Bulk Template Actions

Hold Shift and click to select multiple templates. You can then drag-and-drop them to reorder all at once, or select the three-dot menu (...) to pick an action; create a new folder from the selection, move to an existing folder, change visibility between shared and private, or delete.

Saving Templates

Templates are created from existing entries. Hold shift and click the entries you'd like to convert to a template. In the bulk actions menu select "Create template", choose if the template will be private or shared with your workspace, select a folder to store the template in if desired, and enter a name for the template.

All entries will be saved exactly as they are with the same start time, scheduled time, project, labels, notes, etc. The logged time will be reset and they won't have a start date since that will be set when applying the template.

Using Templates

To apply a template, click the "Create from template" icon in the upper left-hand corner of the calendar or use the keyboard shortcut Option/Alt + T to toggle the templates sidebar. The template sidebar will have a searchable list of your saved templates.

You can preview the entries in the template by clicking the entries link below the template name.

Entries retain their offset from one another. For example, if you originally made a template from entries that were on Monday and Wednesday, the first entry would be on day one and the second entry would be on day three.

So if you apply the template to a Tuesday, the first entry would be that day and the second entry would be on Thursday.