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HourStack offers a variety of task, event, and export integrations that allow your team to schedule and track time from the tasks they’re already working on — which means no duplicating tasks, interrupted workflows, or jumping back and forth between applications.

To open the integrations sidebar, click the "Create from integration" icon in the upper left-hand corner of the calendar. This icon will toggle the sidebar for you. You can also use the keyboard shortcut Option/Alt + I.

Integrations are an incredibly helpful part of HourStack and a big topic. We have dedicated documentation pages for managing integrations as well as for each integration.

Manage Your Integrations




Google Calendar

Google Sheets


Outlook Calendar



Data Freshness

When using the app with your integration sidebar open, we will "poll" the integration provider's API every 30 seconds to refresh all data the integration requires. You can also manually trigger a refresh anytime by clicking the refresh icon under the ... menu next to the integration provider's logo in the integration sidebar.

Task Title Syntax

We offer a simple syntax you can use in the title of your task, which will set the scheduled duration in HourStack automatically when creating an entry from an integration task. In HourStack, the brackets will be removed from the task title and the entry scheduled duration will be set to the value provided.

Inside of brackets ([]), add the hours and minutes using h for hours and m for minutes. You can use both together or just one of the two. Here are some examples: