Entries are the core of HourStack. Entries block time on your schedule, time is tracked against them, and they are used for reporting. Entries can represent tasks, events, or any number of other actions you want to schedule and track time against.

Creating and Editing Entries

To create a new entry, click the "New entry" link on the date you'd like it to be scheduled for, or click the "New entry" icon in the upper left-hand corner of the app. You can also double click in any calendar date box to create an entry for that day. To edit an entry, just click on it to launch the edit modal.

When creating and editing entries there are a number of fields you can set. The most basic version of an entry has just a name, assignee (if on a team), and a date it is scheduled for. All other fields are optional, but you might find them quite helpful for both scheduling and reporting.

Available fields include:


This field is designed to be a description of the work completed. It will be shown on reports in the UI as well as in exported reports. This is perfect for exporting data for billing clients. To create an ordered list, type a 1. + space. To create an unordered list, type a - + space.

Start time

Based on your time-format setting, this will be either a 12-hour format with AM/PM or 24-hour format. Click the clock icon to use the time picker instead of entering the time manually. We use floating timezones, so if you select 9:30 AM, the start time will be 9:30 AM across all timezones.

Scheduled duration

Set the scheduled duration for the entry either in time or decimal format. You can set a default duration in your settings and it will be applied unless you override it.

Logged time

You can either set the logged time by running a timer, or by entering the time manually. The timer is only available the day the entry is scheduled to ensure reporting accuracy. Ensure you have the correct timezone set on both your computer and your profile settings in HourStack.


In the logged time field you can also complete or uncomplete the entry. If the logged time is empty, then it will be set to the scheduled time. Otherwise, the logged time will be the final time on the entry. You can un-complete an entry via the same link.


You can assign the entry to a project. The project color will set the border color on the entry and if the project is associated with a client, then the entry will be filterable by that client and the project in the calendar and reports. You can search projects and create projects on the fly in this select field if you have permission to do so in your workspace.


You can assign as many labels as needed to the entry. You can search labels and create labels on the fly in this select field if you have permission to do so in your workspace. The entry will be filterable by the assigned labels in the calendar and reports.