We Are Redefining How People Approach Their Health

ZOE is combining scientific research at a scale never before imagined and cutting-edge AI to improve the health of millions. Created by the world’s top scientists, our personalised nutrition program is radically reimagining a fundamental human need – eating well for your own body.

We envision a world where everyone can take control over their health by understanding their unique biology. We are the team behind the COVID Symptom Study -now expanded to become the ZOE Health Study--and our collective work and expertise in biology, engineering, data science, and nutrition science has led to multiple breakthrough papers in leading scientific journals such as Nature Medicine [1][2][3]ScienceThe Lancet, and more.

Using the power of community science to conduct large-scale research from the comfort of contributors’ homes to understand health and prevent disease, our nutrition product is helping tens of thousands of ZOE members adopt healthier habits and achieve their goals.

To learn more, head to Spotify, Apple Podcasts, or Audible to listen to our Science & Nutrition Podcast (with 3 Mil listens!)

A remote-first, well-funded startup, we are backed by founders, investors, and entrepreneurs who have built multi-billion dollar technology companies.

****We are always looking for innovative thinkers and doers to join our team on a thrilling mission to tackle epic health problems that span the globe. We promise to challenge your thinking and elevate your mind. We have exciting problems to solve across Engineering, UX, Data, Logistics, Product, Research, Marketing, Nutrition, Finance, People and Design. We will dare you to think, challenge you to innovate, push you to succeed and encourage you to have fun while doing it.

Join us on a mission to tackle epic health problems that span the globe - together, we can improve human health and touch millions of lives!

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Our Values

1. We are diverse and build upon each other positively

We are a collaborative team working toward a common goal. We are positively intended & respectful, intentional in our active listening and seeking diverse perspectives, and we make space for all to participate.

2**. We ❤️ to create moments of joy whenever possible**

We create moments of joy whenever possible and encourage meaningful balance, recognizing our mission is a marathon, not a sprint. It all starts by us being intentional in building great relationships with each other.

3. Always start by understanding our members

We always start by understanding our members’ needs and work backwards to deliver delightful solutions that exceed their expectations and have their health top of mind, with a commitment to ethics, education, privacy, and simplicity.

4. Take a scientific, evidence-based approach

As a health company, science comes first. We utilize a scientific approach, starting with a hypothesis and seeking evidence to assess and iterate. We stay open-minded, learn from our mistakes and strive to keep improving every day.

5. We are transparent, especially when it is hard

By having a bias to share publicly and openly, we build a transparent culture that empowers participation from everyone. We value feedback, communicate openly, voice the truth (even when it’s hard) and explain “the why” to help each other grow.

6. Act fast, we’ve got your back

As a startup, speed is crucial to our success. Many decisions and actions are reversible. We are scarce with our time, not reinventing the wheel or seeking perfection and act on 70% evidence so we can learn and iterate. We encourage all our team members to take risks, change course when necessary, and go for it—we have their backs, always.

7. Dive deep