Who are we?

**AlleyCorp is a venture studio – we start companies. AlleyCorp Nord is the Montreal-based technology arm of AlleyCorp – we build companies.**

AlleyCorp Nord hires engineers and product designers for brand new companies. We work exclusively with extremely early stage (pre-seed) startups — sometimes literally only a single founder. We provide the infrastructure (in every sense of the word) for product development to be successful from day one.

Many of our companies are in health tech, but we also do consumer tech, SaaS, and basically everything under the sun. We’ve existed since October 2021 and have ~45 employees. Most of our team works exclusively on one company at a time.

What’s it like to work at ACN?

While your day-to-day will typically be spent with the small team/company you’re working on, we give you access to a small ecosystem of other folks who are using similar tools and encountering similar problems.

AlleyCorp Nord is not a frat house. We're building a diverse and inclusive workplace where we learn from each other, and we welcome candidates from non-traditional backgrounds. We try to ensure the interview process resembles the actual work you’ll be doing.

Our team is >40% women & non-binary individuals (senior leadership, 100%). The median age of our team is 34.

Some more general facts about life at ACN: