Weng is a no-code workflow builder with API access


Workflows across many industries like finance, real estate, education, insurance, healthcare etc are very similar and boil down to the collection, review and processing of information and documents. SaaS tooling in these spaces also looks very similar for this reason, but is often built from scratch.

We first saw this in the real estate space with FlareAgent, a transaction management automation software that processed $600M of property, and then again repeatedly across (edtech), H1 (healthtech) and TradeUp (fintech).

Currently, there is no solution that allows white-labelled/API-driven multi-step workflows to be built and therefore devs need to build these workflows from scratch every time.


Weng is a drag-and-drop editor of “steps” that can be chained. Each “step” is one of the following:

Steps have the following properties: