<aside> ūüí° The Workflow Analysis Utility is not a supported tool. Do not contact IBM Customer Support with questions or issues regarding this tool. As of September 2017, the Workflow Analysis Utility document will no longer be updated in PDF format (as delivered in the ZIP file). Instead, its content will be updated in wiki format below. As of October 2017, the Workflow Analysis Utility includes the ability to analyze workflow steps.


What is the Workflow Analysis Utility?

The IBM TRIRIGA Workflow Analysis Utility (WAU) analyzes workflow performance and process execution. The utility reads IBM TRIRIGA performance logs and displays performance analytics for workflows, including workflow execution time (how long different workflows take to run), and process flow (the order in which workflows ran and what triggered them to run).

Download and unzip the file attached below. The utility does not have an installer, but after unzipping the file, some configuration might be necessary to get it to run in your environment.

Installation & Launch

005.01 WAU Installation & Launch V2.pdf

Loading Log Files

005.02 WAU Loading Log Files V2.pdf

Icon Meaning & Usage

005.03 WAU Icon Meaning & Usage V2.pdf