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The 1 Million Mission

Coaching 1,000,000 pro misfits to master the art & business of personal branding —

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**To fit every misfit,

In a world where every voice is heard —**

Damned if we do, Dead if we don't

We want to see people succeed not despite who they are but because of who they are —


**Shy → Confident

Quiet → Loud

Follower → Thought-leader

Local → World-class

Regular → Professional-misfit**

BOC Internal Moral Compass


1) Extreme Ownership 🗝️ — The way we do things

Behavior: High say-do ratio, Immigrant work ethic

2) Relentless Tempo 🚗 — Speed on how we do it

Behavior: Radical candor

3) Championship Energy 🏀 — The culture we bring to the table

Behavior: We're not a family, we're a championship team

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~ A man on a mission

A personal brand that takes you places ~


Amine Hammou

🚩 Brand Orchestrate ® — Orchestrating World-Class Branding Strategies for Executive Leaders

🍁 Professional Misfit ® — Coaching 1,000,000 misfits to master the art & business of personal branding

🏴‍☠️ Purpose Pirate

⚔️ Wordsmith Artist

🌍 Digital World Citizen

🙆 Born to educate since nineteen-98


Defiant. Disruptive. Ungovernable. Rogue. Insubordinate.


My name is Amine [uh-meen], A professional misfit conductor for all the rebels & outsiders of the world.

🚩 I orchestrate world-class personal brands for professional leaders looking to transition from best-kept secrets to no longer having to introduce themselves.


Because I want to see people succeed not despite who they are but because of who they are.

I don't have a favorite place. I have my favorite people. And, whenever I'm with my favorite people, it becomes my favorite place —

My Nobel pursuit of helping people is through Brand Orchestrate™️, an untraditional business entity that works at the intersections of personal branding, leadership, coaching, and community building.

Our audacious vision is: To fit every misfit, in a world, where every voice is heard.

Our mission is: To coach 1,000,000 pro misfits to master the art of purpose & the business of personal brand.

Not all heroes wear capes, Some wear glasses, I wear both.

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— Damned if I do, Dead if I don’t —

Playful education is the way we do things:

We blur the boundaries between consulting & coaching to create a balance between thinking & doing.

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