We’re the world’s leading decentralized exchange. Our goal is to build the world’s biggest crypto exchange on a 3-5 year time horizon, and accelerate the world’s transition to decentralization.

What we’re building

We’re building open source software that redefines trading. dYdX is a decentralized exchange for trading cryptocurrencies (and eventually other assets) built on smart contracts (programs that run on the blockchain). We’re first targeting advanced traders and financial derivatives.

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Why join us

We’re targeting a huge market. Derivatives are an order of magnitude bigger than anything else in finance, and in the past year have become the largest market in crypto as well! Our goal is to become one of the biggest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world (currently DeFi is ~5% of all crypto trading).

We’re backed by the best investors in crypto, including Andreessen Horowitz, Paradigm, and the founders of Coinbase. We’ve been around for 5 years, and have consistently been at the forefront of building in DeFi.

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We offer top compensation, significant ownership, and generous benefits.

<aside> 🚀 Exponential traction


We’re the #1 decentralized exchange in the world by trading volume. Over $2 Billion is traded on dYdX per day!

We’re on track to make over $200m in revenue this year, all with just a 30 person team. We’ve grown our metrics by over 50x year-over-year.

<aside> ⭐ Top class, focused team


We have intentionally kept the team smaller, but with what we believe are the highest quality people. The best evidence of this is the amount of growth we’ve seen relative to our headcount.

We only hire people we’re truly excited to work with, and believe that great people only want to work with other great people. We’re long term focused, and prioritize learning, individual ownership, and fun.

<aside> 💭 Difficult, novel challenges


We are tackling some of the hardest problems in a new and rapidly changing space. We are building things that have never been built before.