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Zwap is a network-building platform for professionals and distributed teams to help them build culture and connections, easily and effectively, inside and outside their organizations.

Created in 2021, we're an ambitious team about to launch the first official version of the product (currently in beta).

We're pioneering the future of how professional connections will be made combining the flexibility of video meetings with the power of AI.

Our mission is to offer workers and distributed teams a way to build, grow and leverage their professional network with an easy tool enjoyable to use and powered with data. Our ambition is to become the reference both for individuals looking to build strong professional networks and for large distributed teams to shape in-company strong connection habits.

[..] mettersi nelle condizioni perché gli eventi propizi siano più probabili. Ed esiste una sola tecnica per fare questo: moltiplicare le occasioni.

Cioè moltiplicare i tentativi senza preoccuparsi del fatto che molti di essi saranno fallimenti. I migliori sono quelli che sanno fallire rapidamente, con eleganza e senza conseguenze. L’errore e il dubbio come strumento di lavoro.

Federico Pedron, CEO @ Zwap

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