We Are Redefining How People Approach Their Health

Join us on a thrilling mission to tackle epic health problems that span the globe!

We combine scientific research and cutting-edge AI to unlock the power of science for every body. Our vision is a world where everyone can take control over their health by understanding their unique biology. We are the team behind the COVID Symptom Study app with over 4.5+ million users. Our engineering data science, biology, nutrition science expertise has led to multiple break-through papers in leading scientific journals including Nature Medicine [1][2][3].

We are always looking for innovative thinkers and doers to join our team. Together, we can improve human health and touch millions of lives.

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Challenge Your Thinking & Stretch Your Mind

Do you enjoy solving "hard" problems or finding answers to difficult questions? If you answered yes, then we'd love to have you on board.

We promise to challenge your thinking and elevate your mind. We have exciting problems to solve across Engineering, UX, Data, Logistics, Product, Research, Marketing, Nutrition, Finance, HR and Design. You are also given the option to try new challenges and work with different teams.

We will dare you to think, challenge you to innovate, push you to succeed.

Our Values - What it Means to Work at ZOE


1. Lead With a Scientific Mind.

We are curious learners seeking the truth. We learn best by using data and careful experimentation. We are self-aware and know about the limitations of our knowledge, while always seeking to challenge and improve.


2. Have Courage, We’ve Got Your Back.

We trust, respect and support our colleagues to take responsibility and deliver fast. We try to act selflessly and make time to help each other so we advance together.


3. Put Users’ Interests First.

We start by understanding our users and empowering them to achieve their goals. We earn their trust by connecting to them authentically and respecting their privacy.