Lex creates a space to slow down, reflect, and engage with other queers in a way that is authentic. When you write a post on Lex, you're starting a bigger conversation with other queers in your area and around the world. With you on our side, we’re reinventing what it means to be a queer space!

Kell Rakowski | Founder and CEO | [@kellrak](https://www.tiktok.com/@kellrak?)

Open positions

React Native Mobile Software Developer - Lex📍 Remote/EU

Backend Javascript Developer - Lex📍 Remote/EU

Meet Lex

Lex is a social platform that connects queer lovers and friends. Lex is a space created by and for trans, lesbian, nonbinary, and LGBTQ folks to connect.

Lex’s short-form posting encourages connections that are more meaningful than swiping on selfies.

Lex was inspired by old school personal ads that we found in backs of the lesbian erotica magazines On Our Backs from the ‘80s and ‘90s. The magazines were filled with thoughtful personals.

We realized that connecting in the digital age lacked one important thing that the personal ad format requires— mindfulness. We set out to make space for queer people to form deeper connections – while paying homage to the queers who came before us.

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Lex. Photo by Christelle de Castro

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How we do it

Lex is remote. Our current team members are in the New York, Berlin, LA. We thrive on documentation of decisions, accountability and individual goals. We value empathy and collaboration. New York City is our home base.

Lex is a community-first product. We work hard to create an exceptional product to an undervalued and under-represented audience. We are quick to test new ideas. Minimal viable way to test is fundamental, ship ideas, see how the community responds and make decisions. We strive to bring women and people of marginalized genders together to find meaningful connections. There is nothing more satisfying, interactions and connections fuel us.

Lex builds trust. We built Lex from the inside, out. The groundwork for Lex was formed by the queer community and we will continue to listen and build for our community. Working together with honest, kind communication to find the best solution. We have the ability to bend and be flexible with our ideas.

Lex is still early. Join the founding team of a company that defines a new category, across devices and platforms (iOS, Android). Equity will match the company stage and experience. We're a small team with a big vision. Are you as excited about Lex as we are?!