Vision 🕹

At Hike, we’re building the Rush Gaming Universe. We're taking gaming, one of the fastest growing segments of entertainment in India and converting it into a brand new source of economic opportunity. We're building a new kind of game economy where players can play, earn & grow and become true owners in the very networks that they help create.

The blockchain enables us to bring this vision to life in an even bigger way and will eventually enable our community to become owners and participate in the economic upside as the value of our platform grows.

We’re a small team committed to building out this vision. The way we see it is we’ve been dropped off on a mountain that’s unexplored, without a map and it’s our job to figure things out. It’s an opportunity of a lifetime, a chance to do our life's best work.

You can download Rush for Android here, iOS here.

Get Involved 🏕

<aside> <img src="" alt="" width="40px" /> ✨ NEW✨ Much-awaited RGU White Paper is here. For a quick read visit our super slick website


<aside> 💰 ✨NEW✨ - We’re excited to welcome 3 new strategic investors to Hike! LFG 🚀


<aside> 🚀 10+ new roles open. See Open Roles


<aside> 💰 Bounties up to 1 ETH if you refer someone and we hire them. See Referrals


If you’re thinking of joining us, here are a few things you must know about us:

We’re looking for people who we can share all of the above with. We're all about teamwork.