The on-demand machine learning supercluster

This is a rare point-in-time opportunity: to work on one of the world’s most important technology problems while upending the established political and corporate interests that control and price gouge it. Gensyn will allow machine learning engineers and researchers to train models at a higher scale, and lower cost, than AWS; achieved via a highly specialised deep learning compute protocol with minimal verification overhead (read more in our Litepaper).

<aside> πŸ›  Written in Rust and Python: a trustless protocol that rolls up work from off-chain ML runtimes into a Substrate blockchain for decentralised consensus


<aside> 🧭 Autonomous environment: fully remote, flat hierarchy, low/no rules: just pure focus on delivering the compute protocol that will push the frontiers of artificial intelligence


<aside> πŸ’° Backed by leading crypto infrastructure and deep learning investors, including: Eden Block, Galaxy Digital, Maven 11, CoinFund, Hypersphere, Zee Prime, PEER, Entrepreneur First, Counterview Capital, 7percent, and id4; as well as angels from DeepMind, Livepeer, Pocket, The University of Cambridge, Twitter, Google, Parity Technologies, and more


Open positions

Machine Learning GPU Engineer

Distributed Machine Learning Research Engineer

Infrastructure Reliability Engineer

Full Stack Machine Learning Engineer

Anything else


πŸ’° Competitive salary + share of equity and token pool

🌐 Fully remote work

πŸ›« All expenses paid company meet-ups around the world (Mexico is next)

⭐ 28 paid holiday days per year

πŸ’» Whatever equipment you need

❀️ Paid sick leave


Send an email to or reach out to a member of the core team in the Discord!