🚀 Mission

Delta Biosciences is a Vilnius-based, remote biotech company innovating early-stage drug discovery. Integrating a range of novel life science technologies, we are developing more time and cost-efficient solution to deliver better medicines to patients who need them.

💼 Open Positions

Head of Applied Sciences

Junior Applied Scientist

Biochemistry Internship

Head of Engineering

Head of Computational Chemistry - Remote

Bioinformatics Scientist - Remote

Cheminformatics Scientist - Remote

Head of Organic Synthesis - Part Time

Internship Synthesis Team - Internship

⚒️ What We're Building

We are developing a proprietary drug candidate screening platforn that combines latest advances in bench science and computation. We aim to analyse 100 to 1000 times more compounds than traditional methods by combining microdroplet sorting, DNA-encoded libraries and next-generation sequencing. We are currently developing our first prototype to prove the reduction in costs of hit identification: by analysing more compounds in nano-volumes, with lower consumable spend and faster turnaround time.

To build this platform we have raised substantial funding to assemble a unique, cross-functional and multi-disciplinary team of chemists, biophysicists, engineers and computational scientist. Our first discovery project is screening drug candidates to inhibit the main protease of the SARS-CoV-2 virus in partnership with "COVID Moonshot" open-data consortium.