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What is Deci?

We shouldn't need to be analysts (or programmers) to make sense of our own information. In fact, information is spread across so many sources even analysts struggle to make sense of it all.

In our every day, it's our mortgages, bank, groceries. At work, it's all the lovely tools we use to be super organised, but that end up disconnected from each other. We rely on our intuition to make choices, but there's a simpler way.

Deci is a low-code notebook designed to help people make sense of their information.

At Deci, we want to enable everyone to make better decisions that make life better. We want to enable ops teams, entrepreneurs and other business teams alike to codify their processes. To build models that suit their business. Models that evolve as you grow. An operating system for your company. Build once, solve that problem forever.

Deci will allow you to collaborate with others to have new insights. It will enable you to share what you discovered and make sense of data in real time. Deci wants to give you and your team superpowers without learning how to code.

Why join us?

Over the past 15 years our team has been building successful, enduring companies like YLD, Nodejitsu, utrust, and many others.

With YLD we bootstrapped a company that grew to be one of the fastest growing companies in the UK, having helped transform companies like The Trainline or The Economist. We also incubated some of Europe’s most successful startups.

We shaped the path of technologies like Node.js, NPM, and Filecoin. We have authored research, and worked in document database research in some of the most prestigious research centres in the world.

We spent our formative years in Silicon Valley working and advising startup unicorns. We made the world a better place. We studied in top universities.

Our open source work is used by millions of people everyday.

We are backed by some of the best investors in the industry and amazing angel investors. They shaped the first wave of “future of work” companies and share our belief that Deci can be next.

We have enough funds to work for two years. So there’s financial security for you and your family, while building technology that can change the way people use and work with data around the world.

We hope this section gives you the trust to work alongside us. It’s exciting to take on a new challenge, learning an incredible amount and having fun every day. But we know it’s also scary to take a job at a startup.

Joining experienced innovators like us means you can enjoy all of the benefits but backed by a team with a proven track record. So that the next entrepreneur can be you.

Meet the team

We are a remote first team: