We work in small iterations. Look to make the quickest change possible to improve the outcome. Instead of spending a lot time to completely redesign a Customer Profile page or revamp a business process, consider starting with one small improvement at a time. Instead of writing a large plan, consider starting with the first step.

Small iterations make it quicker to get feedback from others.

Short iterations reduce cycle time allowing us to deliver value faster.

Minimum Viable Change (MVC)

Always look to make the quickest change possible to improve the outcome. If you think it is better than what is there now do it, no need to wait for something polished.

Do the smallest thing possible and get it out as quickly as possible.

If you make suggestions that can be excluded from the first iteration turn them into a separate issue. Don’t write a large plan, only write the first step. Trust that you’ll know better how to proceed after something is released.

You’re doing it right if you’re slightly embarrassed by the minimal feature set shipped in the first iteration. This value is the one people underestimate when they join our team: the impact both on your work process and on how much you achieve is greater than anticipated. In the beginning it hurts to make decisions fast and to see that things are changed with less consultation. But frequently the simplest version turns out to be the best one.

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