Yam's Work will be complemented by an original piano soundtrack written and interpreted by the amazing David Magyel! He'll be composing an entire piano album for the collection.

David is a pianist, mover, composer and educator. As an educator, his intention is to share everything he's learned over the years in the hope of encouraging people to use music as a tool for deeper self-expression. When it comes to his own style and compositions, he aims to experience and express music as a whole thing, without limitations, boundaries, or even genres.

Check out some of David's previous creations on Spotify and learn more about his teaching methods on his Youtube Channel. Just know he has a tendency to keep his best work to himself so we can't wait to listen to what he'll be cooking for World of Women!

The album's creation has started and we will share samples to the community as they are produced!

The Soundtrack is finally released. Listen to it below: