#WoWNFT it's about growing the NFT art space that's already here and that we love!

To that end, 15% of all primary sales have been allocated to the WoW Fund which has started investing and putting the spotlight on the NFT artists. We see thousands devoted to this space and we want to do our part 👩‍🎨👨‍🎨.

You'll find below all art work acquired and bidded on by the WoWFund

WoWFund Collection







CheeseTalk_FlamingAmber_SingleEdition (1).mp4



AlbadelaFuente_MotherEarth_SingleEdition (2).mp4



The Fund's Missions

It operates freely but will be open to suggestions and recommendations of the community. Specific 'Suggest art' channels are open to the WoW family on discord for the community to support the artists they love.

The Curator's Club members on the other hand have control over some of the Fund's activity once a month as explained in the Curators Club section below:

Curators club

The Fund's collection

Since the Fund collects NFT art, it needs a place to display and promote the NFT artists of its collection.

We'll be acquiring some land in the Sandbox where we'll build a home for the Fund! We'll rich out to Voxel artists and Game Creators to craft a proper gallery where people will be able to witness our favorite artists and buy their work from us.

Until then, you can already see the Fund's collection for yourself on the following platforms: