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<aside> 💡 Wisor is a pricing and proposal optimization solution focused on the needs of the freight industry. Our solution uses artificial intelligence and Natural language processing technologies to automate what are currently very manual processes, using real-time information to generate accurate and comprehensive proposals in seconds instead of hours or days. Wisor can help freight forwarders increase conversion rates, capture every bit of value and margin, maximizing process efficiencies.

Wisor is revolutionizing the door-to-door quote generation process – and transforming the margin and bottom-line performance of freight forwarders in the process. In seconds, Wisor generates the optimal options for any shipment – based on routes, price, preferred carrier, or time – so employees spend less time generating proposals and more time adding value to customers. By quickly generating optimal proposals based on the full spectrum of sources at your disposal, The freight forwarders enjoy a higher win rate for new business bids.

Wisor is a cloud-based solution that can be used either as a stand-alone system or integrated into your existing ERP system straightforwardly and rapidly. Our solution uses all of your existing data (historical, current, agent), whether in structured or unstructured formats (from standard databases to offline spreadsheets or even plain emails)


Wisor - AI Logistics solutions

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Team Members- Go Team!

Raz Ronen

Raz Ronen is a rising third-year student of Entrepreneurship & business administration at the Edelson school. Throughout his studies, Raz founded Guardit, a company that provides safety solutions for sherd micro-mobility transportation (Physical and technological product). Raz served 8 years as a captain in the air force commando unit (Shaldag). Besides Raz's passion for business, he integrates social projects into his day to day life – including initiating a 4X4 off-road cross country journey for youth at risk (250km, 45 vehicles, and 150 people). Raz is currently working as an advisor for Flyer-defense – an American based company that develops and produces military vehicles for militaries worldwide.

Dan Martin

Dan is an extra year student of Computer Science at the Effi Arazi School of Computer Science with a minor in business management. Additionally, Dan has a practical degree in electronics engineering. Currently, Dan works as a software engineer at NVIDIA, before that he has worked in the advertising-tech industry and archaeological digs. During the army, Dan served as a scout in an airborne intelligence unit. Besides his passion for technology and gadgets, Dan competes in boxing and has won several national titles.

In his free time, Dan enjoys cooking, playing basketball, and reading.