Download and installation

Recently, it has become difficult to download the Xbox 360 controller driver download through the Microsoft homepage. If you absolutely need the Xbox 360 controller driver, please use the link below to download it.

Installation process

Registering Gamepad

<aside> 💡 If the SHAKS gamepad is already registered as a Bluetooth device on a Windows PC with Android mode, the below behavior is required. Since the device type ID in “Android mode” and “Win-MAC mode” are different, two different devices cannot be registered sharing the same Bluetooth MAC. Proceed like the following

  1. Remove SHAKS GamePad from Windows Bluetooth devices list.
  2. Turn off and on the Bluetooth device or restart Windows.
  3. Set gamepad to Windows Mode and pair it again with the computer.


Run windows utility application

<aside> 💡 This program supports up to 4 x SHAKS Gamepads (S2 and higher model only)


A. If SHAKS is not paired, pair SHAKS Gamepad through Bluetooth or push SHAKS button to awaken it.