<aside> 💡 This wiki began life as this EA Forum post. I have turned it into an open-access wiki so that people can continue to improve and update it. As I wrote in the original post, this is not a comprehensive list of every organisation which should be considered ‘EA-aligned’ (and this is probably not even a useful distinction to make anyway).


When creating the original list I stipulated that an organisation must meet at least one of these criteria to be included:

EA projects which don’t hire staff and national/local EA groups (some of which hire paid staff) are not included in this list.

<aside> 💡 When adding an organisation to the wiki, please ensure it meets at least one of the above criteria. Please also ensure that your entry fits with the formatting of the list (i.e. it is alphabetical, under the right heading, and includes a short description of the organisation as well as a link to its website). Thanks for your help!



80,000 Hours - Does research into how people can have greater impact with their careers. Also maintains a high impact jobs board and produces a podcast.

Animal Advocacy Careers – Seeks to address the career and talent bottlenecks in the animal advocacy movement, especially the farmed animal movement, by providing career services and advice. Incubated by Charity Entrepreneurship.

Animal Charity Evaluators (ACE) – Evaluates and recommends the most effective animal charities.

Ayuda Efectiva – Promotes effective giving in Spain. Their Global Health Fund routes donations to a selection of GiveWell's recommended charities, providing tax deductibility for Spanish donors. They plan to launch similar funds for other cause areas in the near future.

Centre for Effective Altruism (CEA) – Helps to grow and support the EA community.

Charity Entrepreneurship – Does research into the most effective interventions and incubates charities to implement these interventions.

Convergence Analysis – Builds stronger theoretical foundations for existential risk reduction through interdisciplinary basic research.

Donational - A donation platform which recommends effective charities to users, and helps them to pledge and allocate a proportion of their income to those charities.

Effective Altruism Foundation (EAF) – Implements projects aimed at doing the most good in terms of reducing suffering. Once initiated, projects are carried forward by EAF with differing degrees of independence and in some cases become autonomous organisations. Projects have included Raising for Effective Giving (REG) and the Centre on Long-Term Risk (CLR).

Effective Giving – Helps major donors to find and fund the most promising solutions to the world’s most pressing problems.

Effektiv-Spenden.org - The name roughly translates to 'effective giving' in German. The organisation is a dedicated donation regranting platform for Germany that was founded in coordination with the Effective Altruism Foundation. Its main goal is to expand the appeal of donations to effective charities beyond the EA community to the general public by offering a curated set of effective charities for a selected subset of broadly appealing cause areas.

Effective Thesis – Helps people find a thesis topic with high potential to significantly improve the world. Maintains a list of research topics and a network of advisors.

Founders Pledge – A community of entrepreneurs who have pledged to give a percentage of the proceeds they make when they exit their company to charity. Researchers at Founders Pledge provide advice on the most high impact giving opportunities to the pledgers.

Generation Pledge - Works with a community of inheritors in ultra high net wealth families who are committed to doing good with the resources they have available. Offers opportunities to these individuals to learn, connect, collaborate and take action to create large-scale positive impact.

GiEffektivt.No - A donation portal based in Norway that fundraises for GiveWell’s top charities ('gi effektivt' means 'give effectively'). Promotes the idea of donating effectively and makes donations easier by lowering transaction costs and offering tax refunds to Norweigian donors.

GiveWell – Evaluates and recommends the most effective charities in global health.

Giving Multiplier.org - A website that encourages people to donate to effective charities by splitting their donation between their favourite (non-recommended) charity and a recommended effective charity. The website then matches between 2 and 20% of the donation depending on what proportion the user allocated to the effective charity.

Giving What We Can (GWWC) – A community which encourages people to pledge to donate a percentage of their income to effective charities.

Global Priorities Institute (GPI) – An interdisciplinary research centre at the University of Oxford which conducts foundational research (particularly in philosophy and economics) to inform the decision-making of individuals and institutions seeking to do as much good as possible.

High Impact Athletes - Channels donations from current athletes, retired athletes, sport institutions, and sports fans to the most effective and evidence-based charities in the sectors of Global Health & Poverty and Environmental Impact.

High Impact Professionals - A Charity Entrepreneurship incubatee that enables working professionals to maximize their positive impact by supporting them in donating their time, skills and resources effectively.

Let's Fund - Helps people to discover and fund breakthrough research, policy and advocacy projects. Their researchers use the principles of Effective Altruism to find the projects that they believe will do a lot of good, through in-depth, public research.

Momentum - Builds an e-commerce platform for nonprofits that emphasizes creative, recurring donations (e.g., when you spend an hour on Facebook, automatically give to AI Safety). They’re a quickly-growing VC-backed startup that leverages behavioral science to increase effective giving.

One for the World – Educates students and young professionals about effective giving and encourages them to donate at least 1% of their income to effective charities. Organises ‘chapters’ which are groups run by volunteers to spread the message at their universities/churches/businesses.

Open Philanthropy – Aims to help philanthropy improve lives effectively through research and grantmaking. Makes grants in areas including U.S. policy, farm animal welfare and global catastrophic risks.

Raising for Effective Giving (REG) - Promotes the idea of effective giving, provides donation advice to individuals and organizations, and supports fundraising campaigns and events. Recommends charities within the areas of poverty alleviation, animal welfare, and risks from emerging technologies.

Rethink Charity – Produces novel research and community building projects to elevate the effective altruism community toward greater positive impact. Past projects include Rethink Priorities (now an independent organisation) and Students for High Impact Charity (SHIC). Current projects are RC Forward and the EA Hub.

Rethink Priorities – A think tank dedicated to figuring out the best ways to make the world a better place, initially founded as a project of Rethink Charity. Their research is focused on improving the welfare of nonhuman animals, but they also work on existential risks such as nuclear war.